Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pictures from Laura's Bi-Plane Ride in Iowa

Here are some pictures from Laura's bi-plane ride with her cousin Greg in Iowa (click to enlarge):

Laura and her cousin Greg taxi in Greg's award-winning 1941 Meyers OTW bi-plane

Laura and Greg buzz the runway at Greenfield Municipal Airport as Conor looks on

She seems to have enjoyed her ride

From www.russellaire.com/meyers.html - "The Meyers OTW aircraft was designed as a primary trainer in the late 1930s by Allen H. Meyers. These two-place, tandem-seat biplanes were of all-metal construction (except for the fabric covering on the wings), and powered by radial engines of from 125 to 160 horsepower. Production of the Meyers OTW ("Out To Win") ran from 1939 to 1942. It has a maximum speed of 120 mph, and cruises about 90. The Meyers OTW has a wingspan of 33 feet and is 22 feet long."