Monday, March 30, 2009

Bruce Brothers Racing - 2009 Season Preview

Bruce Brothers Racing had a remarkable year in 2008 - two Mid-State of Ohio Kart Club championships and several other significant achievements. We are certainly looking forward to the 2009 season.

In his return to kart racing after a one year absence, Conor won the championship in the most competitive class at MSOKC (Yamaha Jr. SuperCan) in 2008. Conor also had a perfect weekend at the Commercial Point Grand Prix street race in 2008. For 2009, Conor is moving up to our 80cc shifter kart that was previously driven by Henry.

Peter also won the championship in the MSOKC Briggs Jr. class in 2008 - his second consecutive championship in this class. For 2009, he is moving up to our SuperCan kart that was previously driven by Conor.

Henry also had an excellent season in 2008 - he held the early championship lead in the second most competitive class at MSOKC (8Occ shifter) and finished in the money at the CPGP. He is going miss both ends of the 2009 MSOKC season while he finishes up his first year and begins his second year at Brown University. We may find a seat for him for a few races in the middle part of the 2009 season, but we're going to play that by ear.

We had a few weekends of nice weather earlier this spring in central Ohio, which allowed us to squeeze in two much-needed practice days already for both Conor and Peter. Conor got used to nearly twice as much horsepower, shifting, and standing starts and Peter acclimated to nearly three times as much horsepower. Both got down to reasonable lap time in their second outing. Since then, all five of us have been to Florida for a much-needed Spring Break and the Honda CR8O engine on our shifter kart is currently being rebuilt by our good friend Bill Willis at POWERSports.

Our 2009 race season begins in just less than a month. Our race schedule, which once again includes the MSOKC series and the Commercial Point Grand Prix, is as follows:

Race No. 1 - Sunday, April 26 - Qualifying – 20 bonus points
Race No. 2 - Saturday, May 9 - Sunday schedule - Clockwise
Race No. 3 - Sunday, May 17 - Normal
Race No. 4 - Sunday, May 31 - Normal Direction – F1-style starts
Race No. 5 - Sunday, June 14 - Clockwise
Race No. 6 - Saturday, June 27 - Night Race
Race No. 7 - Saturday, July 18 - Night Race
Race No. 8 - Sunday, July 26 - Qualifying
Commercial Point Grand Prix - August 1 and 2
Race No. 9 - Saturday, August 15 - Night Race
Race No. 10 - Saturday, September 5 - Sunday Schedule – Qualifying – Hog Roast
Rain Date 1 - Sunday, September 6 - If needed (or fun race day)
Race No. 11 - Sunday, September 20 - Clockwise - Qualifying - 20 bonus points
Race No. 12 - Sunday, October 4 - Normal – 40 Bonus Points
Rain Date 2 - Sunday, October 11 - If needed